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In terms of Para 10(i) of Chapter 4 of the Consular Manual, 1983 it is hereby clarified that ‘there is no law to authorize the Consular Officers in the Missions and Posts abroad to issue any ‘No Objection Certificate’ and/or ‘Bachelorhood Certificate’ in respect of any Indian national. The power to declare any legal rights is vested in courts in India. The fact whether a particular person who alleges himself to be a bachelor has made correct statement cannot, therefore, be certified by Diplomatic or Consular officers. Any individual who desires such declaration may have to obtain the declaratory decree from the competent court in India.’

In view of the above mentioned position, all Indian nationals seeking such decree are requested to approach the competent court in India for the same and thereafter have the document apostilled in the Consular Section of the Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House, New Delhi before submitting the document to any authorities in India or abroad.